Defining fitness & wellbeing since 1990

Dyaco is a business on the move. With its foundation in home fitness, the company started as a Taipei-based trading company connecting global sporting brands with manufacturers in Taiwan. From there, Dyaco progressed to manufacturing itself, with its own research and development facilities. Dyaco now manufacturers and distributes home, commercial and physical therapy products across the globe, with a portfolio of world-class brands including Spirit Fitness, Xterra fitness, SOLE Fitness, UFC and Philips. Fitness equipment is our whole heritage.

So, whatever your requirements, our years of experience across our different home fitness brands means we can provide a solution that is right for you.

Our story

Supporting the 'whole human' lifecycle

At the core of what drives Dyaco is the desire to support and enable people to live an active lifestyle in order to improve their quality of life through better health, wellbeing and fitness. Dyaco supports people through every step of their journey; from sedentary to an active, fuller life; from active to fitter and stronger; from injured or with physical therapy needs to better mobility or recovery; from elite to peak performance.By considering the 'whole human cycle', our purpose is to deliver the euphoria of feeling better, stronger, fitter.

The Dyaco ecosystem of home fitness brands and products is developed specifically to support individuals, whatever their health and fitness goals.

World class design and manufacturing

Dyaco owns R&D, design and large-scale manufacturing resources that provide its brands with the means to research, develop, manufacture and distribute fitness equipment throughout the world. We provide all the resources required to facilitate the whole product life-cycle from research to production. With world class research, industrial and mechanical design as well as prototyping and tooling, rigorous testing and quality control, you can rest assured that your home fitness product is of the highest quality.