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How long does delivery take?

For home products, when an order is placed, you can expect to receive your delivery within 5-10 working days.

What warranty do you offer?

Warranty information may vary, depending on your particular product. You can check details on the individual products pages of this website, or by referring to the warranty card that was delivered with your product if you have already made your purchase.

For information about our standard warranties visit our 'Register a product' page.

Where is my Owner’s Manual?

An Owner’s Manual will have been delivered in the box with your CV product. You can also find a copy on the website.

How do I build my product?

Instructions on how to build your home CV product are in the Owner’s Manual included within the product box.

Can you install my product?

We offer an installation service for all of our Spirit, SOLE and Xterra home cardio products for £150 per product.

Do you deliver world-wide?

Currently, we only deliver to UK mainland and Northern Ireland addresses.

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