Service & Maintenance

Delivering Excellent Customer Support

Customer service is extremely important to us and we strive to always provide the best service.

By purchasing your product directly from Dyaco, the manufacturer of Spirit, Xterra and SOLE Fitness products, means we are best positioned to ensure you receive the help you need, resolving your issues quickly and efficiently.

Our dedicated team of service support staff and technical engineers have a wealth of experience and can help troubleshoot and diagnose any problems you are having. Or we can send a member of the team out to resolve the issue and advise on any ongoing general maintenance procedures to keep your equipment running efficiently.

In-house parts warehousing

We have an in-house parts warehousing facility based at our head office location. In the event that you require parts for your equipment, please contact our Service Support team to order the relevant part, (which can be identified within your owners manual). We can then get this shipped out to you as quickly as possible to reduce any downtime of your products.

Whilst our equipment is manufactured to the highest standards and built to last, occasionally service support is required.


Service Support

If you should experience any issues with your fitness equipment, here's what you should do:

Home & Light Commercial Equipment:

  • Check your user manual, which can also be found here, and our FAQs section here. If you cannot find information relating to your issue then please complete a Defect Report from here.

         Before you contact us:

  • Check your warranty - see if your product is still covered
  • Ensure you have your product model number and serial code to hand
  • Use the contact details below to get in touch with a member of the team

Commercial Fitness Equipment:

Product issues can be reported directly to our Service Support team by completing a Defect Report form here.

  • Before contacting our team, please ensure you have your product model number and serial code to hand
  • Use the contact details below to get in touch with a member of the team

Service Contact

Call us: 0800 0293865
Email us:
Or complete the online contact form located here

Product Maintenance

it's important to look after your product to ensure it operates to its optimum performance at all times. Doing regular maintenance on your equipment will help extend the lifetime of your equipment and increase uptime - particularly for commercial and light commercial products that are used regularly and for extended periods of time.

Your user manuals, found here, will provide information on regular checks and cleaning regimes that you should follow.

Alternatively, for commercial operators, if you would like a member of our team to do a maintenance visit or a regularly scheduled maintenance check, our team can organise this for you. During a maintenance visit our engineers will perform calibration, performance and functionality checks on all the machines, conduct visual inspections and cleaning procedures. At the end of the visit, you will be provided with a report detailing any advisements and service requirements if identified.

Contact our team on the details above for more information on our preventative maintenance provision.